Portable Businesses

Portable Careers

What Businesses Can Let You Pick Up And Go Anywhere?

Portable businesses offer you the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time. You can be working from your garden, from your holiday home, or even a beach. There are a lot of business opportunities that allow you to live this kind of mobile working lifestyle and either travel the world for an extended working holiday, or move somewhere warm while working part time in retirement.

Here are a few listed businesses that offer you the flexibility to work from anywhere you wish to:


Virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant gives you the ability to offer your administrative skills to people in all parts of the world. A virtual assistant can work from anywhere, and all you need is an office space and some technical and computer skills.


eBay trader

eBay offers a perfect business opportunity to those seeking an international marketplace for their offerings. You can even spend time alternatively trading between the sister sites of Ebay, thus increasing your reach.


Newsletter publisher

You can package all your acquired knowledge inside a newsletter, share it electronically, and earn through the subscription fee people pay for accessing your newsletter. Knowledge is limitless and its thirst knows no boundaries. You can do this with the help of both electronic and postal mails.


Online tutor

E-tutors or online tutors help in guiding students by using learning experience through the Internet. For people having a background in teaching, creating courses which are delivered electronically through emails, audio conferencing through telephonic calls, video conferencing, and online tutorials offer a smart business opportunity.


Business or personal coach

You can engage in part-time or full-time coaching professionally, while working at some other job. The majority of coaching today is done through the phone or via email, and the varieties of low-cost long distance packages for phones make it all the more easier to operate such business from anywhere you want to.


Web/graphic designer

This line of work is suited for you if you like creating brochures, logos, graphics, advertisements, newsletters, or posters. You should have a good knowledge on how to create things using web designer software or desktop publishing software.



This is probably the most portable business. You only need your imagination and a laptop to write whatever you want and whenever you want. If you like traveling, you can opt for a travel writer’s profile, which lets you document your experiences and adventures in a magazine or a book.


Stock market trading

Trading has transcended its boundaries to become a part of a large portion of the population. It isn’t limited to the financially well-versed or elite anymore. Learning the market trends and the performance of stocks could function as a viable and flexible business.



Copywriters engage in creating write-ups which help to sell a service or a product. It is an extremely flexible job to be a freelance copywriter. You are free to operate from any corner in the world if you are in this business.

Apart from these, you can also join a course in computer programming which is a high-demand job now. These business areas allow you to manage your work from any location of your choice, and pay you well for your efforts.

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