The Role of Online Marketing in Home-based Businesses

Online Marketing

The Internet has emerged as one of the most important means of marketing for all kinds of businesses. Individuals interested in setting up their own home-based business can now easily promote their services and/or products, thanks to online marketing. Online marketing can play a crucial role in determining the success of your home-based business, and it is vital to use the right platforms to advertise for your business. Following are some online options that can help your business grow from strength to strength.


A large number of big companies use email to communicate with clients and consumers. However, operations from home will probably require the use of a phone as much as email. In such a case, tools such as Skype can come in handy. The software is driven by VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol), and allows for phone-like conversations through the use of your internet connection. Skype calls can be made from your laptop or desktop, meaning that work can be carried out as you converse.



Twitter has the potential to play a huge role in the success of your home-based business. It can help in creating a community where consumers and clients can get information about your brand. Although there are many ways in which the platform can be used to create an online base for your business, two methods that will surely deliver good results include following professionals with similar businesses and sharing good and useful content.

Twitter has several other individuals and businesses who share your passions. You can find and ‘Follow’ such accounts to create a network, monitor the activity of users, and connect with people and businesses that may be interested in your services. Marketing experts believe that organic means are the best when it comes to Twitter, meaning that you will have to post good content each time. People value solid information, so they will follow you if you offer something that can be useful to them.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular and best online marketing tools. It is cost-effective and quicker than most other alternatives, can be easily measured, and is very reliable. Email marketing plays a significant role in enhancing all types of businesses, especially home-based ones. It can help you keep your customers up to date with news and special offers. But follow best practices and remain compliant with the appropriate legislation (US: CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and in Canada: Bill C-28). Always be sure that they’ve requested to receive the emails (opt-in) and have an option to stop receiving them.


Maintaining a Blog

A large number of people with a web presence also have their own personal blogs. Blogs can be crucial to home-based businesses even if they already have websites. Blogging gives you the chance to create bonds that go beyond the conventional customer-business relationship. It is a very powerful medium of marketing that can help your home-based business grow from strength to strength. Maintaining a blog and posting useful content from time to time can effectively boost engagements, enhance trust levels, and retain customers for a long time. The reason why blogs are growing into one of the most common online marketing strategies is due to the fact that they can combine with other marketing campaigns or your own website promotions to help you attract leads that can finally turn into your customers.


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