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HobbyFirm Magazine, Vol.1 Issue 2 – Coming Soon

HobbyFirm, Vol.1, Iss.2

Next issue of HobbyFirm – coming soon!

Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you know that we are forgoing the regular Wednesday post as we’re hard at work getting the next issue of HobbyFirm Magazine ready to roll.

HobbyFirm looks at the people who are putting into practice the ideals of micro-entrepreneurship — especially those that are able to create businesses doing what they love and enjoy.

Our next issue will look at networking and support for mompreneurs and women in business.  With the spring already upon us, it will also look at part time sports businesses for those businesspeople with an athletic flare.

We hope that you will enjoy the issue when it’s up.   Be sure to subscribe for your own direct email notification of when the issue goes live.  Subscriptions are free.  We welcome your readership.

How to Hire People for a Home-based Business

There may be times when your workload can be increasingly difficult to handle, making you consider the appointment of employees to ensure that your business continues flowing. The experience of hiring employees is often rewarding as it reduces anxiety and stress associated with your business but before commencing the hiring process, you must determine your limits and needs.

Businesses that are Most Successful in a Home-based Format

With the increasing uncertainty of the economy, home-based businesses are growing thick and fast. The rate of unemployment continues to grow, and starting your own business gives you the flexibility that cannot be achieved from working for an established company and even if just part time, added security by diversifying your income. While some businesses flourish in the home-based format, not all are guaranteed success. Here we will look at some of the businesses that can provide for a good living, in a home-based format.

The Role of Online Marketing in Home-based Businesses

The Internet has emerged as one of the most important means of marketing for all kinds of businesses. Individuals interested in setting up their own home-based business can now easily promote their services and/or products, thanks to online marketing. Online marketing can play a crucial role in determining the success of your home-based business, and it is vital to use the right platforms to advertise for your business. Following are some online options that can help your business grow from strength to strength.

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