Write Your Way Into Second Income

Writing to a Second Income

People have different hobbies which are often based on their individual talents. We frequently ignore the fact that something we love to do can be a good source of income. If you love writing, you may consider freelance writing as an alternative source of income. Dedication and talent can help you find success in freelance writing. Mentioned below are some points to consider if you wish to take up freelance writing as a career.  


Understand your interests

 If you want to be a successful freelance writer, you must first assess your interests. You can consider the different types of writing and try to find one that interests you the most. You may enjoy creative nonfiction, fiction, essays, blogs, or long articles. Writing how-to articles, procedural guides, or instructional manuals is another type of writing that you can opt for.


Adopt a suitable writing style

 Writing styles vary largely between writers. A key factor to have a good writing career is to develop a unique writing style, which can help to differentiate you from other writers. In news writing, a concise and clear style of writing is preferred. In feature writing, an elaborate use of language is required. Similarly, each field requires a specific writing skill set, so develop your style of writing, to suit the field you choose. A good way to improve your writing style is to read a variety of well written material. You can attempt to rewrite the same pieces in your own words. This practice will help to fine tune your skills, and will make a major difference to your abilities as a writer.

Establishing contact

 Make a brief directory of publishers or publications you can contact. As an amateur writer, you can choose to target publishers who are not averse to publishing a beginner’s writing. However, you can also approach a few reputed publications, as every publishing house can always use a new talented writer. In addition, do not ignore the publications, which are available at your vicinity. Local magazines, community newspapers, and local websites can also become your potential clients.


Preparing a pitch

 Prepare proposals for publications, which you would like to write for. In your proposal, include samples of your writing, which reflect the style that the publication prefers. Similarly, match written samples to different publications and send out a few proposals. You can also submit a finished essay “On spec” or “on specifications”. Writing “on spec” is a good way of highlighting your capability to the specific publisher or editor. Even if you are rejected the first time, the editor or publisher may give you a call for a future project.

 Perseverance is a necessary ability to succeed in any field. The field of writing has a learning curve that writers must get accustomed to. The ability to learn quickly and adapt your writing to suit different audiences and purposes is a vital asset. Success cannot be achieved overnight. Facing rejection, constant practice, and having a positive mental outlook will help you find success as a freelance writer.

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