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Bitcoin for your Small Business


By Ian Ross

Small business and part time business owners are used to being flexible in how they are compensated for their wares.  The rise of Bitcoin has attracted a lot of press and if not already offering it as a way for customers to pay, you may be considering it — especially if it can be done easily, securely and with minimal cost or risk to yourself.

Authors and Creators

The folks behind MicroExec would like to take a moment to let you know that we are happy to receive submissions and open to receiving books, e-books, CDs and other author-created media, for us to review on this site.

If you’re an author or the creator of a resource for small and micro-business professionals, we welcome the opportunity to consider your material for our Reviews section on MicroExec.

Email Marketing in Canada – Small Businesses and CASL

By Ian Ross

If you do business online with Canadians, you need to keep the country’s recent CASL legislation in mind.  You may have heard of it – or even attended the odd web seminar – but many still are clueless about the law, largely because it goes significantly beyond the norms of email opt-in compliance that are the standard in most other countries.  With small and microbusinesses relying so heavily on email marketing, it’s wise to pay attention.

5 Tips when Moving to your First Office

By Ian Ross

If you’re home-based now, you may yet find yourself compelled to look to leasing small office space outside your home. There are only so many hours in the day within which to house your complete productivity, and you may consider trading off the time spent on a short commute for the benefits of fewer distractions and hours spent in a dedicated work environment outside your personal walls.

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