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Creating Your Own Franchise

If you are looking to rapidly expand your existing business, then franchising is a viable and smart option. This works especially well if you have a business model that can be easily replicated. Franchises represent a commercial and legal relationship between an owner of a trade name, service mark, advertising symbol, or trade mark, and a person or a group planning to incorporate that identification into their business. 

What to Look for in Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities

Choosing to start your own micro business is not an easy decision. You might have pondered over it for several days, months or years until you finally decided to go ahead with it. But choosing to start a business is not the only tough decision you need to make when starting out. You may be thinking about choosing a franchise to begin your business with. You might have a few choices already in mind and you may think that any one among those will do, as long as you remain the boss. In reality, choosing the right micro business franchise is not an easy task. The type of small business you chose to own can make a huge difference and can dictate the terms that may either lead to the success — or even failure — of your business.

Working Past Retirement

Your life after retirement should be one of leisure and of fulfilling those few unfulfilled dreams. But more often these days, retiring boomers are finding a comfortable side business, or micro business, can be engaging and help boost other retirement savings and income. It is also an ideal time to start a business as you have acquired enough knowledge, experience and developed a lifetime of talents to make sure that your business takes off at a quick pace. Here are a few ideas that make popular choices for retirement businesses.

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