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Starting a Catering Business

A catering business is commonly hired to provide food and beverage services, at events such as corporate festivities, retirement parties, and weddings. However, there are a lot more avenues in the food catering industry. There are large entities like retirement homes, correctional facilities, and health care facilities, which can serve as a customer base for a catering business. The catering business in the U.S. is projected to grow by 10%, on an average, from 2008 to 2018. So, this is a lucrative business opportunity for those who wish to pursue it.

How to Hire People for a Home-based Business

There may be times when your workload can be increasingly difficult to handle, making you consider the appointment of employees to ensure that your business continues flowing. The experience of hiring employees is often rewarding as it reduces anxiety and stress associated with your business but before commencing the hiring process, you must determine your limits and needs.

The Basic Business of Incorporation

Many different types of business entities can be formed namely partnership, proprietorship, limited liability partnership/corporation, or corporation. Each of these has different legal and tax implications, and a few local governments may not allow you to create limited liability corporations (LLCs). You can know more about these issues by consulting an attorney or an accountant.

In the US, incorporating your business allows you to protect your personal assets by distinguishing them from the corporate assets. The corporation you create will have its own tax identification number, responsibilities, and liabilities. The following basic methods explain briefly how to start a business.

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